Wearing masks means that we’re communicating in a different way. We’re speaking more clearly and loudly, whether we mean to or not. We’re learning to study people’s faces – or what we can see of them – because there are fewer visual clues as to how someone is feeling or reacting to something we’re saying.

Without even realizing it, in the absence of broad smiles, an anxious grimace or a rueful grin, we’re becoming better at reading body language and picking up on whether someone is feeling tense or relaxed. As a yardstick of this new way of life, there are YouTube videos aplenty on how to ‘smile with your eyes.’

Here’s a thing. One of the best parts of an attorney’s job is concluding a client’s case successfully and getting an outcome that will help to make their life better in some way. It’s not only about money either, although for anyone facing lost earnings, medical bills and mounting debts as a result of someone else’s negligence, easing that financial strain can be life-changing.

The sense of justice prevailing, and finding for the little guy against the big, all-powerful corporation, is exhilarating and gratifying for both the client and their attorney.

So when our clients stop by and we get to enjoy that fantastic moment of handing over their compensation check, yep – we’re doing it in masks and with social distancing. We can’t hug it out, share a hearty handshake or even see each other’s smiles right now. We are smiling, trust us – we’re even doing it with our eyes – and you know what? It’s okay.

COVID19 made us stop and smell the proverbial roses for a while. We became alert to inequalities laid bare by the pandemic and realized that everyday heroes work in hospitals – at all levels – and at the grocery store.

The pandemic virus compelled us to look at familiar things afresh. Similarly, wearing masks is helping us to communicate with each other in new ways too. We mask up for each other, to protect one other, and this amazing community that the Bighorn family is proud to serve.

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