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If you’ve been arrested, facing county jail or federal prison, a criminal indictment or are the potential suspect of a criminal investigation, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney.

You deserve competent and knowledgeable representation. At Bighorn Law, we can help lead you through the arduous waters of the State and Federal Criminal Justice system.

What a Criminal Defense Attorney Does

A criminal defense lawyer is there to research facts, help investigate your case, and protect your rights while pursuing every legal option available to you.

Battery Domestic Violence

Any individual can be accused and charged with  domestic violence. Many of these claims are brought by former or current spouses, intimate partners, boyfriends or girlfriends with an axe to grind. Bighorn Law’s attorneys and investigators will investigate your case and fight back against these charges. Our criminal defense attorneys have extensive experience fighting for citizens accused of domestic violence.

Traffic Violations

Cited for a traffic violation? A criminal defense lawyer can help you avoid fees, penalties, or even the suspension of your driver’s license.

DUI / DWI / BUI / Drunk Driving

Contact our criminal defense attorney even if you failed a sobriety test. Bighorn Law’s DUI defense lawyers may help you avoid a DUI conviction and the suspension of your license. Bighorn Law’s DUI defense team knows all about DUI laws. Whether you were charged with driving under the influence, or even boating under the influence (BUI), our experienced defense attorneys will work hard to defend you.

Sealing Criminal Records

Bighorn Law’s criminal defense lawyers believe that people should not be punished for mistakes they made decades ago. But when you are convicted of a crime, that conviction can follow you and make finding a job or an appointment nearly impossible. Our dedicated team of Defense Attorneys knows the steps to take to seal criminal records so you might not be weighed down by a criminal record.

Sex Crimes

There are grave penalties for individuals convicted of sex crimes. Whether you have been accused of prostitution, solicitation, rape, statutory rape, or any other sex crime, our dedicated defense attorneys know how to defend against these serious charges.


Whether you have been accused of petty larceny or  pickpocketing – or more serious crimes such as robbery, grand larceny, possession of stolen goods, or motor vehicle larceny – Bighorn Law’s knowledgeable criminal defense lawyers will fight to prove your innocence. When the police are accusing you of theft, remember, Bighorn Law has your back.

Bail and Release

There are fewer things more unnerving than getting a call that your loved one is in jail. Our seasoned criminal defense attorneys will walk you through the steps to take to free your family member or friend, locate a bail bond agent, and set a tough, aggressive, defense strategy.

Hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer

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